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The biggest mistakes, you do on Facebook pages

Most Common Mistakes by facebook page adminsToday I Analyse the mistakes that companies mostly do on their Facebook Pages and i will go into the details. This list of most common mistakes should give you a better idea of how to post on your Facebook Page. 1. Posting too many times a day on Facebook […]

Online Stores: Avoid These Three Boneheaded Security Mistakes

When you’re just starting your online store, it can seem like a herculean effort simply to get enough customers to make the store profitable. But before you even start selling online, you should deal with another problem: the safety and security of your customers’ information. If you make one of these three boneheaded security mistakes, […]

Top Five Ways to Use Pinterest

Developed in 2009, the service Pinterest, which allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections online, is one of the fastest-growing web sites in existence. In recent months, use of the service has skyrocketed to over ten million visitors per month, a speed of ascension that neither Facebook nor Twitter can boast of. But […]

What is Web 3.0, anyway?

Unfortunately, to understand Web 3.0, people need to first understand Web 2.0. A difficult enough task in itself, but luckily there is a simple enough analogy to help clarify. Web 2.0 Before the term Web 2.0 first surfaced in 1999, the internet can be described as being similar to a huge library; there is access […]