The biggest mistakes, you do on Facebook pages

Most Common Mistakes by facebook page adminsToday I Analyse the mistakes that companies mostly do on their Facebook Pages and i will go into the details. This list of most common mistakes should give you a better idea of how to post on your Facebook Page.

1. Posting too many times a day on Facebook page
Posting too many times a day could be also represented as spamming their Facebook fans which shouldn’t be done by any means.

How often you should post? Well The answer is, It depends on your brand or media. I recommend average of posting for a brand should be once a day or 2-3 times only if you have very good announcement.

In the case of Media Companies, the threshold, fans can endure is bigger so typically the range should be 6-12 posts per day.

2. Posting the same content again and again
Posting the same content again mostly recommended by social media marketers but it is not recommended thing to do. 1st do not post same content, and if necessary then make sure that it is with new twist.

3. Arguing with your fans
Well, we all know about the Nestlé Kitkat’s case, so you should be very careful while trying to argue with your fans.

4. Delete negative comments
Another mistake of Kitkat and many other companies. Instead of deleting comments, you should be set proper rules for managing negative comments.

6. Posting one type of content
Facebook Page Fans would not be interested to see only links from your company, they would love to see images, status and updates, etc.

7. Posting without descriptions
Sometimes you just post a link, photo or video, but you don not put a description in the status update, so that the status update does not provides any additional information.

8. Not responding to your fans
This is the biggest mistake. As we know, Facebook is a 2-way communication so make sure that you are regularly connect with your fans and engage them in conversations on your Wall.

9. Responding too slow to your fans
Facebook Page Fans do not only expect you to respond. When you call customer care, you also expect a response quite quickly. I suggest the companies try to get their average response rates to under 6 hours in the first phase.

10. Not using Facebook landing tabs
Try to use Facebook Landing Tabs wisely.