Top Five Ways to Use Pinterest

Developed in 2009, the service Pinterest, which allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections online, is one of the fastest-growing web sites in existence. In recent months, use of the service has skyrocketed to over ten million visitors per month, a speed of ascension that neither Facebook nor Twitter can boast of.

But what’s the attraction here? Isn’t it just a bunch of people showing off their collections, favorite outfits and works of art online for the world to see? Not exactly. Pinterest has a lot more value to some users than its main page may reveal. There are many ways to use this unique service to benefit you on both a business and personal level, five of which are detailed below.

Marketing a Business
In order to get your business out there, you need pairs of eyes. Lots of them. And Pinterest definitely has that. Any board you create in Pinterest can have a link attached to it. And this kind of traffic generation appears to be working. Tracking shows that Pinterest is currently more responsible for more traffic to sites than Google+ or Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, Pinterest also lets you link your board to your business’s page, as well as your Twitter account. The latter will automatically tweet any pins you make from your board.

Ideas for Home And More
Artists and musician, along with jewelry, interior and clothing design buffs can use Pinterest to get all of the inspiration they may ever need to move ahead with their next project. Even if all you’re looking for is ideas about what to wear to a special event, gig or a first date, there are literally hundreds of boards available which offer fashion-forward collections that will have you looking like reading Vogue and going to fashion shows is your full-time job.

We all have travel dreams. But visiting your local travel agent can leave you with armloads of pamphlets. So why not go digital instead? Using Pinterest allows you to pin anything online as a theme. So why not pin pamphlets, articles, hotel web sites and things to see while you’re there? When you’ve returned from your journeys abroad, you can even post your special photos on your board, which is much more fun for others than the groan-worthy vacation slide torture they may have been forced to endure in days gone by.

If you’re thinking about looking on Kijiji to find extra storage for all of your recipe books, note cards and bits of paper, Pinterest could be solution of all solutions. Not only can you pin your favorite dishes to your board, but you can also pin anything else you find while you’re surfing for new nosh. For example, if you’re a die-hard home entertainer, you can also pin pics of your dream dining room, and even some handy tips for the next time you have friends or family over to enjoy your culinary creations.

Saving Money
In addition to looking at flyers online and printing coupons for the things you use, you can also go online to see how others are saving money. For example, do you really need to buy a new case for your mobile phone, or is it possible to make one? Can the items in your closet be turned into brand new outfits you never knew existed? And could you be doing something less expensive to make more room in your home than knocking down a wall? The answers to all of these questions will not only be a yes, but a yes that’s followed by the most enthusiastic high-five ever when you’ve spent some time surfing the site.